Industry Solutions

E-Z-Rect’s Flexible Storage Solutions


Retail Shelving and Storage 

E-Z-Rect boltless shelving helps build a better customer experience by keeping showrooms and stockrooms organized.

Manufacturing Shelving and Storage 

E-Z-Rect shelving is one piece towards a lean and agile manufacturing environment my maximizing space and minimizing handling time.

Warehouse Shelving and Storage

E-Z-Rect mezzanines and catwalk systems increase usable space, minimizing order cycle time.

Record Storage Shelving

Multi-level for your off site document and file boxes, mobile for your smaller in-office storage needs; big or small document storage, the E-Z-Rect system has a solution.

Healthcare Shelving & Safe Storage

E-Z-Rect can build a system is flexible, organized and secure, so staff can focus on treating patients.