Healthcare Shelving

Hospital Storage

E-Z-Rect includes storage solutions for medical records as well as medical equipment storage. When lives depend on it, hospitals choose the flexible and durable medical shelving systems using Type 1 and Trim-Line.

Flexible Medical Shelving

From band-aids to pharmaceuticals, a well designed storage solution reduces nursing and physician time and increases patient satisfaction.

E-Z-Rect creates custom stationary and mobile systems for hospital, clinic or research environment. Static shelving has been widely successful in large locations, while the space-saving ability of E-Z-Rect high density mobile shelving has been crucial in the efficient organization of smaller storage rooms.

Healthcare Shelving Success

We have achieved success in the following locations, and are eager to transform your current storage space.

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Walk-in Clinics
  • Care Homes
  • Dental Offices
  • Naturopath Clinics

Pharmacy Shelving Stocked
Health Products in Hospital

Phamacy Stockroom Shelving

General Health Items on Mobile Shelving

Storage For Employees

Give employees a safe and convenient place to store their goods while working with EZR Lockers and our employee locker solutions. EZR Lockers are coated in an anti-bacterial enamel that reduces MRSA and other infectious bacteria by 99%.

Secured Storage for Controlled Items

E-Z-Rect enclosed shelving provides a secured shelving option for controlled substances and dangerous items without sacrificing easy of use and quality construction. Enclose storage for healthcare are fully secured with a variety of locking components and are made from painted steel for durability, longevity and strength in mind.

Restricted Access Shelving with Locking Gates
Confined Storage Area

Shelving with Locked Gate
Secure Locked Doors