Retail Shelving

Shelving Systems for Managing Inventory

An effective shelving system in a retail store increases employee productivity, product throughput, and decreases shrinkage. A retail store room can be organized and efficient despite while multiple employees handle inventory in a rushed environment. An well designed retail storage system minimizes backroom space while maximizing selling space and merchandise movement.

Retail Storage Space

E-Z-Rect Trim-line shelving is the most popular solution for retail environments because of its durability and adaptability to all types of retail applications. Trim-Line is suitable for departments stores, shoe and clothing retailers and general merchandise retail outlets. It is attractively finished and suitable for use in customer areas, yet durable and economical for stockroom storage.

Maximize Your Storage Capacity

E-Z-Rect retail shelving units are constructed using our patented boltless system. The simplicity of design allows you to make changes to adapt as stores grow and evolve; shelves can can be added, removed and adjusted without disrupting other units.  The same components are used for static shelving and mobile shelving for maximum flexibility and use of space.

Lockers provide a place for employees to store their phones, purses, and belongings so they will not be distracted when they are supposed to be selling.

The Solution To All Retail Storage Needs

  • Clothing (Available Garment Rods)
  • Shoes (Mobile or Stationary)
  • Sporting Goods
  • Computer Products & Software
  • Home Improvement & Hardware
  • Book Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Automotive Parts

Mobile Shoe Storage

Garment Storage

Tire and Auto Storage

General Trim-line Storage

The Ultimate Shelving Fixture

Trim-line shelving in a retail environment is both durable and economical. Shelving components and fixtures are designed to be adaptable to any retail storage requirement. Trim-line Shelving is perfectly suited to the efficient management of inventory from stockrooms and showrooms to garment shelving and grocery store inventory storage.