Trim-Line Shelving

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The Newest Generation of Boltless Shelving


Trim-line Shelving System

Trim-line shelving system is E-Z-Rect’s newest version of famous boltless storage systems- the lightweight and economical design makes it perfect for light to medium weight storage and is the ultimate in warehouse storage and retail shelving.

  • Garment and clothing storage
  • Stationary and general office storage
  • Record, file, and document storage
  • Computer products and software
  • Healthcare and medical products
  • General retail merchandise
  • Small parts and/or tools; auto parts

Benefits of Trim-line

Trim-line Shelving is built to last, not to replace. The shelving system was created to be adaptable to your changing needs to grow as individual and industry needs evolve.

  • Attractive design suitable for customer display areas and stockroom storage
  • Manufactured with durable materials which allows for rigid, dependable use
  • Economical and inexpensive shelving to install and maintain
  • Fast and simple installation requiring no special tools or skills for assembly
  • Unobstructed access from both sides with no cross or sway braces in the way
  • Simple design for rapid and flexible design changes and expansion

Retail Shoe Storage

Light Duty Warehouse Storage

Retail Garment Storage

Trim-Line Features

Trim-Line is flexible and adaptable to changing needs of shelving systems. The simple boltless design allows the addition, removal and adjustment of bays, including slopes, without disrupting the rest of the system. A fully customizable storage solution in any width, depth and height. Trim-Line is specifically designed for hand loading; machine loading is not recommended. Our project design team is pleased to offer layout and engineering assistance to meet your specific requirements.

  • Simple boltless design without nuts, bolts or rivets
  • Attractive finish allows for use as showrooms fixtures and stockroom storage
  • Cost effective; fully customizable to your unique needs
  • Adjustable on 1″ centers; flexibility to make changes on demand including slope
  • Quick and easy to install;  requires no additional tools or skills
  • Conforms to AISI Standards; safety factor of 1.66 to 1
  • Accessible, adaptable and saves valuable floor space
  • Ideally suited for hand loading applications

Particle Board Shelf sits flush on connector, saving valuable shelf space and giving you a low profile shelf. Other shelf materials available.

Economical Shelf Clips provide quick and easy rearrangement of metal shelves.

Post Connectors installs and joins posts together to form a frame. Patented locking tab must be locked for safety.

Connector Locking Clip simply snaps in locking clip and connector cannot be dislodged by an upward force.

Three Hook Channel Frame connectors are strong and easily tapped into place to ensure a rigid and stable bay.

Garment Rods fit securely into garment rod supports creating hanging space within the shelving bay and can be positioned at any desired height.

Load Capacities Max. Evenly Distributed Static Load Per Pair Of Connectors
36″          914 mm 39 1/2″ 1,003 mm 48″       1,219 mm 60″         1,524 mm 66″         1,676 mm 72″         1,829 mm
4 Shelf Clips 350 lb 159 kg 290 lb 132 kg 200 lb 91 kg
TFCV 390 lb 177 kg 350 lb 159 kg 290 lb 132 kg
TBC 600 lb 272 kg 550 lb 249 kg 500 lb 227 kg
TWB 570 lb 259 kg 470 lb 213 kg 395 lb 179 kg
TWB with one
Combination Tie Bar
972 lb 441 kg 810 lb 368 kg 729 lb 331 kg