EZR Workstations

Warehouse & Manufacturing Workstations


Improve Workflow & Ergonomics

The E-Z-Rect Workbenches are designed to improve workflow and create ergonomic workspaces within warehouses, production facilities, and work places by being an organized and convenient space for materials and equipment.

  • Facilitate improved task performance
  • Increase health and safety of employees
  • Minimize employee fatigue and injury
  • Increase speed and efficiency of operations
  • Prevent errors due to lack of organized work flow

Workstations in Distribution Facility

Single Workbench for Inventory Management

Fully Customizable Workstations

E-Z-Rect Work Benches and workstations are fully customizable to suit the application. Customizable options include:

  • Size (width, depth, height)
  • Strength/load capacity
  • Surface materials
  • Back and end panels
  • Number of and location of shelves
  • Number of components (starter unit and additional units)
  • Accessories (including packing rolls, sectional dividers, drawers, bins)

Common Workstation Configurations

  • Shop workstation
  • Repair station
  • Packing station
  • Production and assembly station
  • Industrial and warehouse uses
  • Shipping and/or receiving desk
  • Maintenance and/or janitorial station
  • Inventory maintenance station

Customize the EZR Workstation

Use the following question guide to help customize your warehouse or manufacturing workstation.

  • What is the usage of the bench?
  • What elements will the surface be exposed to?
  • What equipment/materials will be stored on the bench/workstation? (printers, computers, scanners, packaging materials, boxes, bags, envelopes, tape, heat sealers, staple guns, pens, markers, cleaning materials, tools, literature and instruction manuals, etc.)
  • How will equipment be used?
  • What is the primary purpose of the workstation: To increase productivity, ergonomics, appearance, organizational efforts?
  • What duty of work will the work bench or work station be exposed to?

Workstation Surface Material Options

  • Solid Wood (Medium Duty): versatile & resilient
  • Plywood (Medium Duty): easy to modify & customize
  • Ceramic (Heat Applications): fireproof & safe for employees
  • Particle Board (Light Duty): cost effective & easily replaced
  • Steel/Metal (Industrial Duty): resistant to chemicals & solvents/doesn’t scratch or burn
  • Plastic/Laminate (Chemical Application): recommended for work with oils/liquids/solvents/chemicals