Pallet Racking

Warehouse Racking Solutions


Pallet rack is the staple of material handling for warehouse storage, industrial storage, and distribution centers. Pallet racking is the heavy duty choice for medium and large scale storage solutions and for some applications there is no alternative. Heavy-duty racking is ideal for forklift, conveyor, and machine assisted handling and for storing large and heavy loads.

Pallet racking can be the basis for catwalk and mezzanines to increase storage density without expanding foot prints for industrial storage. A well designed system reduces cost and improves productivity while its modular design is expandable and extendible to grow with any business.

Pallet Racking, as the name implies is the perfect choice for palletized goods that are forklift or machine loaded. They also provide a sturdy and durable base for multi-tier catwalks and mezzanines.

Cantilever racking is ideal for bulk, awkwardly shaped items and offer no obstruction to picking. Rolls, pipe, building materials, long items, and others that hang are great applications for cantilever.

Racking solutions can be custom designed for any application from small warehouse shelving to distribution center industrial shelving, job shops to heavy industry.  E-Z-Rect is the expert in custom designed pallet racking solutions of all sizes and for all needs. Contact our storage design department for complete design solutions to any storage challenge.