EZR Lockers

EZR Lockers: Quality, Style, & Security


EZR Locker Benefits

Every EZR Locker is built following three key principles: quality, style, and security to allow customers, employees, and patrons to store their personal items safely and securely.  Each locker features an integral air vent system, a micro sprung disk lock, 5 knuckle hinges, welded front frame, & internal door strengtheners.

Available in 1 tier, 2 tier, 4 tier, and 6 tier sizes and a choice between Cam Lock or Hasp and Stable padlock system, the EZR Lockers are of the quality and affordability you have come to expect from E-Z-Rect.

  • Quality engineered to provide a sturdy and robust locker for years of service
  • Built-in security features generate confidence that belongings will be kept safe
  • Hasp & Staple or key locks available
  • Numbered cards, for locker identification
  • Durable powder coated finish with stylish colour options
  • ActiveCoat® Technology: The hard wearing anti-bacterial coating for an active environment as standard.

Sports Facility Locker Room

Lockers for Education Facility

Recreation Center Lockers 

Locker Applications

  • Retail outlets
  • Restaurants and fast food
  • Education facilities (from kindergarten to university )
  • Recreational and leisure facilities
  • Athletic facilities
  • Offices and call centers
  • Construction job sites
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Industry
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Factories and manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Hospitality and hotels

EZR Locker Features

  • Integral air vent system
  • 5 knuckle hinges that offer durability and security
  • Welded front frame and plinth making each compartment separate and increasing structural rigidity
  • A full height strengthener welded inside each door to increase strength and security

Truly Innovative Technology

Each E-Z-Rect locker features Anti-bacterial ActiveCoat® Technology, an anti-bacterial powder coating that eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria. This hard-wearing powder coating allows for locker use in even the most stringent hygienic environment.


Standard Dimensions

Our standard lockers feature one, two, three, or six vertical doors. Please contact us for alternate styles and sizes.

Height: 70″ (1780mm)
Width: 12″ (300mm)
Depth: 12″ or 18″ (300mm or 460mm)

Lockers Built to Last

E-Z-Rect Lockers are built to the highest standards for years of trouble free service using highest quality components, construction and finish. Welded plinths separate each compartment and increase the structural integrity of the locker.

Style & Security

The standard lock has a micro sprung 10 disc lock featuring 3000 serial combinations or a Hasp & Staple for padlocks. Every locker is welded internally to increase structural integrity and features a full height strengthener welded inside each door for increased strength and security.

Attractive Colour Options

Exciting colour options are available to match corporate colours and decor as well as be a design feature. Every locker is coated with patented Anti-bacterial ActiveCoat® Technology which reduces 99.9% of bacteria making them perfect lockers for fast food, restaurant, and hospitality applications.