A Commitment to the Environment


E-Z-Rect is committed to reducing to energy consumption within buildings and homes by creating effective storage solutions that reduce the required storage space and ultimately, energy consumption. Our goal is to help protect the environment while passing the savings onto the customer.

Initiatives we have implemented in our daily operations include:

Packaging: Minimizing the use of corrugated cardboard boxes and rolls by instead protecting products with thin gauge poly-film and “Shrink Wrap” technology

Paper Trail: Issuing information electronically, such as communication by email, when possible for a reduction in the use of paper

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Recycling paper, office, and manufacturing materials, as well as scrap metal whenever possible

Safe Disposal: Safely and responsibly disposing of waste, and continually searching for additional uses for scrap pieces

Fuel Consumption: Reviewing shipping routes and freight contracts in the attempt to reduce the amount of fuel consumed as well as the number of trips made

Efficient Equipment: Monitoring and maintaining manufacturing equipment to ensure that it is used safely and efficiently, to minimize risk and energy waste

Lighting: Maximizing use of natural daylight and supplementing it with high efficiency lights