About Us

Innovative Storage Solutions


Since E-Z-Rect’s establishment in 1963, it has been our goal to provide easy to assemble, cost effective boltless shelving. The E-Z-Rect design has drastically evolved since its first application as a single store fixture. Almost 50 years of experience within the shelving and storage industry has allowed us test a variety of materials, methods, and applications in order to find the best combination to suit your unique storage needs.

Our philosophy is to find the storage solution that best fit your needs, be it the simplest or most complex of problems. Through continuous research and development, we have streamlined a system that is suitable for a variety of applications from the smallest to largest of storage applications.

We realize that our continued growth and success in a global market depends on our valued customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. With their continued support, we are dedicated to continually building upon our early accomplishments and providing increasingly better quality and cost-effective storage solutions. We commit to providing the service and technical assistance our customers deserve.